About Sarah Game

Hon. Sarah Game MLC

” My aspiration hasn’t always been about wanting to be in politics. It has been, from a young age, how can I live a meaningful life and make a contribution?

That’s guided all my decisions in life.”

Striving to improve

From a young age, Sarah has always wanted to make a positive contribution to her community. She chose veterinary medicine as a career, completing her tertiary studies in 2006. Not long after, she moved to the United Kingdom where she not only practised as a vet but later began a second career as a teacher.

Sarah came back to Adelaide from the UK in 2016, putting her career on hold for a time to focus on raising her three young children before taking up veterinary practice again. Now, as a member of the South Australian Parliament, Sarah is working hard to make a positive contribution for the South Australian community.

Key Priorities

  • Building equity in our public education system
  • Giving our country regions a strong voice
  • Working for real and effective change in the mental health space
  • Building a cohesive and united South Australia for all South Australians
It is in the interest of society to remove barriers and to allow everybody to be on a level playing field. This is essential for our social cohesion, innovation and creativity. It’s important for supporting family values and the mental health and wellbeing of our citizens. In order to make these changes, South Australia needs to be an attractive place for investment.

Sarah believes in people’s right to maintain their culture and belief practices in Australia in a way that fosters a unified Australia, good relationships and respect between everybody. No matter where you were born, if you now call South Australia home, Sarah Game MLC is here to listen to and represent you.

“I want to advocate for all South Australians. I am passionate about equalising opportunity for everyone.”


Phone: 08 8237 9536

Email: game.office@parliament.sa.gov.au

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