Preserving Freedom and Government Accountability 

Sarah has proposed a number of pieces of legislation in an effort to further her goals of maintaining Australians’ individual liberties and advancing government transparency.

The “Public Sector (Ministerial Travel Reports) Amendment Bill 2023” is an important step towards increasing government accountability. The bill requires all ministers to record, itemise, and justify their travel expenses within 45 days of their trips. This ensures that public funds are spent appropriately and that government officials are held accountable to the taxpayer.

Sarah also introduced the “Members of Parliament (Register of Interests) (Water Entitlements) Amendment Bill,” which requires MPs and their relatives to disclose all water ownership. This measure seeks to prevent conflicts of interest in state administration and to improve openness in water resource management.

The “Public Finance and Audit (Cash Payments) Amendment Bill 2024” was introduced by Sarah to protect financial freedom and independence. This measure forbids public authorities from refusing cash payments, guaranteeing that every Australian has the ability to pay up to $10,000 in cash for government services. This solution safeguards personal privacy, avoids expenses, and combats the growing trend of digital-only transactions, which disproportionately affect rural communities. Sarah’s advocacy for the usage of cash attempts to ensure that people have a peer-to-peer monetary vehicle that is not hampered by unnecessary government laws; as a result, Sarah supports financial inclusion, maintaining all citizens’ freedom of choice.

Sarah unwavering dedication to accountability and openness is highlighted in her efforts for a strong Independent Commissioner Against Corruption (ICAC). She has steadfastly advocated for the reinstatement of the ICAC’s authority, which were drastically curtailed in 2021 and caused the anti-corruption commissioner to leave this year in 2024. Sarah is advocating for the revocation or modification of the recent ICAC laws to enable a comprehensive investigation of public sector corruption and maladministration. the critical role a robust ICAC plays in upholding public confidence and integrity in South Australia.


Our Impact & Our Goals 

The Importance of Cash

Financial Freedom - Peer-to-Peer Money

Sarah believes that “cash is king” and is a great advocate of cash on the basis that it is peer-to-peer money. Cash is a key aspect of protecting financial freedoms, and with digitisation trends reaching new heights, Sarah understands that it is now more important than ever to ensure that the public has access to peer-to-peer money that is unaffected by government intervention.

SA ICAC Commissioner Resigns


Sarah is looking to address the weakened powers of the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption (ICAC). Changes made in 2021 significantly limited ICAC’s ability to investigate public sector misconduct and maladministration. These changes led to the resignation of the ICAC commissioner, raising concerns about transparency and accountability in the state. Sarah is advocating for the restoration of ICAC’s powers to ensure effective oversight and maintain public trust.

Ministerial Travel Bill Passes South Australian Parliament


Sarah’s tireless work resulted in the passage of the Public Sector (Ministerial Travel Reports) Amendment Bill 2023 in parliament. This law requires all parliamentary ministers to account for taxpayer-funded travel expenses.

Sarah’s advocacy for the usage of cash attempts to ensure that people have a peer-to-peer monetary vehicle that is not hampered by unnecessary government laws.

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